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Learn to sing M'nucha v'Simcha Print E-mail
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All transliterations, commentary, and audio recordings are copyright © 1997, 1998, 2002, 2009, or 2016 by Jordan Lee Wagner. All rights reserved.

Here are some melodies for the Sabbath table song Menuchah v'Simchah:

  • Here is a popular, upbeat tune for M'nucha v'Simcha.
  • Here is a more lyrical M'nuchah v'Simcha melody, prone to lush harmonization.
  • And here is the Shema again, but with the second half of the traditional melody (i.e., the congregational response) replaced by the second half of Solomon Sulzer's Shema for the Shabbat morning Torah Reading Service. (He wrote other settings of the Shema for other services.) Finally, an alternate ending is tagged onto the end of this recording.
  • Here is a currently popular congregational melody for the Torah Procession (L'cha HaShem). I'll post information about its source when I figure that out. If you know, please post a comment.
  • Here is the L'cha HaShem tune written by Gershon Ephros.
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